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We began ourselves in the year of 2000 and followed the name Millennium online Ltd and from there onwards we never looked back and kept ourselves growing. Our hard work and dedication made us leading importer and distributor of Add on Cards, Motherboards and USB products.

Millennium Technology has got skilled and qualified team which can carry our work in tremendous manner. We expertise in producing the high quality Led products and some of our major products includes LED Tube Light, LED Panel Light, LED High Bay Light and LED Flood Light in India. Every product that is manufactured under us is made under strict observation of quality team and each & every product is given second check before it comes out of warehouse

Our Led products are can easily be integrated along with giving you efficient lights. When it comes to durability then you can be assured for longer lasting as it is made with high quality parts. We are always ready to deliver the market demands and we are prepared to complete the task in assigned time limit.

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In simple words it's not expense it's just an investment with life time return.
I haven't seen any electronic item giving guarantee of more than a year wheras Max T8 Led Tube Light does. Unbelievable!
Very good response from the team of Millinium and I must say they are ready to answer at any time. Saluted Guys!

LED Tube Light- T8 & T5 LED Tube Lights Manufacturer In India

Being one of the leading and the most reliable LED Tube Light manufacturer, we ensure that you would certainly get all the brightness and glow that your home or office needs, without being boggled about the energy bills.

These lights are certainly a revolution in the industry that has changed the way lights were perceived. An alternative to the bulbs and lights that took more than they required! LED Tube Light certainly is considered apt and innovative, as it produces nearly 70 more lumens as opposed to bulbs, making the area light up brighter and better, undoubtedly!

You can expect these LED Tube Lights to last for longer than any other light available while consuming fewer watts and hence saving energy. This is certainly the era of LED Lights and they surely have a bright future, in fact, as bright as their lighting output. LED light is eventually replacing the traditional tubes and bulbs in the market. While if the stats come to talk, the LED Tube Light market is expected to grow by a great margin in the coming years.

This is undoubted, great and has opened a lot many options for the various companies to get into this business and produce innovative and diverse products that are promising for the market and valuable for the consumers too.

There is no doubt about the LED Tube Light India to reach millions in the coming few years. Even the government is trying hard to replace the traditional lights with the innovative and pioneering LED Tube Light.

There are talks to get the LED Tube Light over the streets too. Once this gets materialized, there would be a major boom observed in the industry and the people would adapt the LED Tube Light incessantly, almost everywhere!

Here are some ways and places, where the LED Tube Lights can be adapted, pretty well!
• Street lights
• Outdoor Lightening systems
• Lights in Industries
• Lights at the Rails
• Automotive lightening
• Lights in homes, offices, malls, shops, etc

According to the research the LED lightening market is on the verge on expanding and the opportunities are immense, without a doubt. The lights are all that the humanity needs at the moment and especially talking about the future on this inventive approach in a country like Indian, the future, and the opportunities are boundless in the future!

People are indeed are getting closer to the inventive LED Technology, while the various reputed and leading brands are adapting this unique, profitable and efficient system of lightening the various homes, offices, roads, shops,etc. of millions of people in the country.

LED Lightening, the Absolute Future of India!

As you must be aware of our country being the fifth major electricity consumer, the need to adapt the reformed and efficient ways of lighting up the surroundings is growing by the days. This indeed leads to the growth and the expansion of the LED lights, its production, consumption,etc. quite a lot. Also, there are tons of models, shapes, and sizes available for you to choose from. The consumers will have one of the finest ways to save on the electricity consumption and bills, while at the same time, enjoying the well light, bright and beautiful surrounding in the presence of the pioneering LED Tube Lights!

We expertise in producing the high quality Led products and some of our major products includes LED Panel Light , LED High Bay Light and LED Flood Light in India.