Advantages and Benefits of T8 LED Tube Lights over fluorescent Lights

In past, To Lighting indoor business spaces, Most people just went with CFL & Linear Fluorescent Lights. Presently there is another new player in the business lighting field that guarantees even superior efficiency with the LED replacement (T8 LED).Does the T8 LED Tube Lights truly have better than T8 fluorescent Lights ? To help you choose, let’s see some Benefits of T8 LED Tube Light:

Benefits of T8 LED Tube Light :

Environment friendly :

Unlike CFL & fluorescent Light bulb, LED Tube Light does not contain mercury. so, It is safe for environment.


Directional Lighting :

This simply implies that Lighting is directed precisely where you require it, instead of getting diffused and spread over an extensive range or large area inside the installation itself. On Other side, fluorescent has multi-directional light, which implies some light is lost in the installation and other unnecessary area.


Energy Efficiency :

T8 LED Tube Lights are approximately 30% more energy efficient than CFL & fluorescent bulbs.

Dimmable :

Numerous LED Tube Light has diming capacities, while fluorescents are difficult & costly to dim and some isn’t dimmable at all. On other hand, LED dim easily.

Greater Quality Light :

LED producing light in an assortment of color temperatures alike fluorescent, however doesn’t has any flicking issue that can be happen with CFL & fluorescent.

Lifespan :

Average lifespan of T8 LED Tube Light is around 50,000 hours.on the other hand, Fluorescent Light & CFL have comparatively less lifespan only 30,000 hours.


LED Lights Works Well with Controls :

Fluorescent & CFL lights tend to burning out faster when incorporated with occupancy sensors and different controls. On Other hand, LED work consummately with control frameworks, since their life is not influenced by turning them on/off.

One of your greatest consideration in case you’re considering changing out your old fluorescent with T8 LED Tube Light. Initial cost of T8 LED are more, but they have also long lifespan. With Proper establishment, T8 LEDs are one of best approach to saving energy and can give great light quality at a price that makes it sensible to recover the initial expense of switching to LED Light. They are also more secure and more effective other than linear fluorescent T8 tubes.


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